Educational Technology Staffing at the School of Education

The staffing structure for the new building is--how would you say--a bit fluid? Every day is a learning experience at the School of Education--and not just for the students.

There are five us working together to make sense of the change spawned by the new building, the new Professional Development Center and a whole new set of opportunities emerging from having all of our faculty and centers under one roof. (Not to mention the changes in the technology itself.) The following brief descriptions provide a tentative list of individual responsibilities.

If you're not quite sure who to contact, you can sent email to and one of us will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Faculty Program Coordinator

generoche100.jpgGene Roche is Director of Academic Information Services, serves as manager of the Technology Integration Program, and is a member of the IT management team. Gene is working with the Dean to develop a sustainable long-term technology plan for the School. His current projects focus on technology enhanced learning (aka Distance Education), collaborative writing, on-line survey research and support for rich media across the curriculum. His collaborative projects include formal partnerships with the University Teaching Project, the Faculty Digital Services Initiative and the Survey Research Center. His SOE office is room 3104 and his telephone number is 757-221-1879. His main campus office is in Jones 305-B. Gene's e-mail address is

Classroom/Desktop Support Engineers

markeaton200.jpgMark Eaton is one of the two IT engineers assigned to the School of Education. He'll be the primary support person on desktop hardware and software, the engineer responsible for the computer lab (aka Mac Lab) and will be the backup for Brandon in audio-visual technology. Mark's schedule is now officially from 2 pm - 10 pm. Mark also is the accounts and engineering coordinator for the Center for Survey Research and is very knowledgeable about all things Blackboard. His School of Education Office is in 3043 and his phone number is 757-221-1127. (Note: As a member of the academic engineering team, Mark has an annual summer obligation to the ESP program that could keep him out of the SOE for weeks at a time.) Mark's e-mail address is

brandoncorbett.jpgBrandon Corbett is the second IT engineer, assigned to the Classroom Support Team. He'll have primary responsibility for AV technology in the 19 "learning spaces" that have podia and projectors and will be the backup for Mark Eaton for desktop hardware and software. Brandon is the primary point of contact for the coordinator of the PDC. His schedule is 8 am - 5 pm. (Note: As a member of the classroom support team, Brandon has an annual summer obligation on that team to help with overall construction and renovation projects.) His office located in the TI Suite in room 2071B. Brandon's e-mail address is

Graduate Assistant

S_at_waterfall.jpgSharon Stone is the graduate assistant assigned to Technology Integration at the SOE. She is the point of contact for wikis, Adobe Connect, Captivate, and video production. Some other projects she works on include rich media grants and web-based collaboration applications. She is a doctoral student in the EPPL program with a concentration in Higher Education Administration and a particular interest in the success of students from diverse and special populations. Sharon's e-mail address is