There are four conference rooms in the School of Education, but not all offer the same technology.

  • Rooms 1111 and 3107 - These rooms are equipped with a PC, laptop connection cables, projector and screen. They have a wireless control panel embedded in the wall, which can also be removed and carried around the room (for presenters who like to move!) or placed on the table for participants to share. The control panel functions just like a classroom podium touch screen. To activate it, press the power button found in the left side of the frame. To remove the device from the wall, press the eject icon on the touch screen (found along the bottom border). A device needing a USB port can be connected to the computer, and the DVD/CD player is available as well. Since the computer cabinet remains unlocked, please be sure that no one touches or turns off the server equipment inside.

  • Rooms 3011 and 3036 - These rooms do not have the computer available that the other two conference rooms have. In addition, Room XXXX does not have a projector or screen.

A housekeeping note

Please remember to logout and exit the system, being especially conscientious about turning off the projector. The light bulbs in the projectors (both in the conference rooms and classrooms) are extremely expensive -- to the tune of several hundred dollars each! Even if you know another class or meeting will be held later in the day, please do your part to conserve by turning off all devices anyway. Sometimes events are canceled or relocated without notice and leaving a projector on could turn out to be a very costly oversight.