Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

One way of organizing complex materials is to try to provide general answers to specific questions that arise. We went through the requests we’ve received so far and generated a list of questions we expect will be commonly asked.

Do we loan laptops?

No. SOE laptops are reserved for classroom use.

How do we get access to the wireless network for participants and presenters?

If it is just one day they should be able to use Guest authentication. See and (Note: As of right now there is no open wireless network. Both presenters and participants will need to create an account—either as a guest or as a conference member at least 24 hours in advance of needing the account.)

Is there power available for participants?

The distance learning classroom (1056) has power for all participants, but none of the others do. There are a limited number of power outlets in the walls of the meeting rooms, but they won’t be convenient for most room configurations.

What are the basics I need to know about using the presentation podium?

The podiums contain a wide range of technologies accessible by a Crestron controller..
William and Mary faculty and staff will be able to log into the podium computers and access all their resources.

Can "non William and Mary Presenters Use the Podium Computer?

A non-William and Mary presenter who is using his or her own laptop and who does not need access to the internet for any reason does not need a guest or conference member account. In most cases, we think the PDC planning staff should recommend this solution whenever possible.

A guest presenter who is using his or her own laptop and who needs access to the internet will need either a guest account or a conference member account depending on the length of time they will be here.
A non-William and Mary presenter who is using the podium computer will require a conference member
account. (Note: A guest login can’t be used on the podium computer. This applies even for presenters who are bringing their presentations on a USB flash drives.)
The general podium available on the PDC podia includes a document camera, DVD player, etc. (((Verify with site visit what’s on the podium—include hardware and software.)))

Can I connect my Mac?

Sure, but remember your dongle. (Note: Conference services should have a supply of Mac to VGA converters that are easily accessible in the conference services office. Replacing a forgotten adapter should not require a call to IT tech support.]

Do you offer teleconferencing (video conferencing)?

The Distance Learning Classroom has full featured video conferencing. None of the other rooms do, though we do have a movable cart that might be able to be used effectively in some cases. We have two video conferencing rooms that can be booked for basic video conferencing. (Note: In spite of the name “Distance Learning Classroom” the SOE is not geared up to provide support for sophisticated distance learning applications. This will be one of the emphasis areas for next year, and we’ll be rolling out additional capabilities as we can. (Videoconferencing does not equal distance learning.)

Do you support Skype?

Not really. Skype works fine for simple phone calls, but we have found it unreliable for group activities. If it works for you fine though.

How’s the cell phone service?

AT&T is non existent; Verizon is better but spotty. We haven’t tried under the load of a couple of hundred people all trying to connect during a break, but we think it will be worse. PDC probably needs an emergency number that people can call during the day to get a message to a participant.

Can I use video from the podium?

What sort of sound enhancement features are available?