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Help- there is an awful echo!
When you encounter an echo in a meeting, it can generally be resolved by having the person who is generating the echo connect their speakers (audio output) through earbuds or a headset. Generally, when folks are connected with headsets, the troubling echo loop is resolved.

Hmm- I know I have an internal web cam, but I cannot get it to work.
Chances are you are on a Mac. If so, you may need to make sure that you have the correct version of Flash installed.

Mac users running Snow Leopard can find the Flash Player in your System Preferences. Click Flash Player. Under the Camera and Mic tab, be sure Ask me when a site wants to use the camera or microphone is selected. Additionally, click camera and microphone settings by site and find wm.adobeconnect.com. Next to this address, be sure that Allow is selected (when Allow is selected, you will see a green light instead of a yellow light).

Adobe's list of known issues states that "Adobe recommends using Flash Player to get the best experience with Mac OS X Lion. In particular, this version resolves an issue with the Flash Player settings panel not responding to clicks on Mac OS X Lion". Mac users running Lion can download the recommended Flash Player here. (Scroll down to find version

Yikes: I tried to share a document during a meeting and I lost the meeting!
Chances are, you're on a Mac. Don't worry- you are still in the meeting, you just can't see the outer shell of the meeting whilst sharing your desktops or documents when working from a Mac. The meeting participants can still hear you. If you look in your docking station, you'll see the white and green Adobe Connect icon. If you select this icon, you will see that your meeting shell comes right back up from your docking station.

Something's just not right. Everything is slow.
Sometimes you simply get a bad connection. If you are hard wired in and still have a bad or delayed connection, simply try logging out of your meeting and logging back in. Generally, leaving and re-entering a meeting is the best fix for troubling connection issues.