Getting Started With Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing solution that allows you to host synchronous or asynchronous web meetings. Adobe Connect is a great platform to use when meeting or class members are separated by distance. This tool can be used to invite interactivity into a hybrid or fully online course.

Best Practices

As with all web based technologies, the quality of the platform will be dependent upon a number of variables, including web connectivity. We have found that the following practices are good guidelines to follow to facilitate the most reliable Adobe Connect session:
  1. Check to be sure you have the latest Adobe Add-ins installed on your machine and test your computer's tools to make sure you have everything you need properly installed. (Note: Adobe Connect is not compatible with the iPad). You can complete this by visiting completing Step 1 and Step 2 here.
  2. Connect to the internet through a wired connection. While Adobe Connect users can certainly participate from a wireless connection, users are more likely to get a closer to "real time" feed with a wired connection.
  3. Use the Firefox internet browser rather than Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome.
  4. Use a usb or jacked in mic/headset for better sound quality. (Note: Using your machine's built in mic and speaker system generally works fine, but a mic/headset combo tends to give you better sound quality).
  5. Before you host or present in an Adobe Connect session, be sure you practice so that you can become familiar with the tools and layout. You can even plan your meeting by uploading and creating meeting content ahead of time (ie. power points, poll questions, shared files). Contact Sharon Stone for a tutorial or consultation on Adobe Connect.

Setting Up a Meeting

Once you have reserved a license, you can follow the screen shots in this Create an Adobe Connect Meeting guide to get started. If your students or participants are new to Adobe Connect, consider sending them this brief Getting Started with Adobe Connect guide before they get started.

Training Workshops

Follow this link to a description of the various workshops we have created to help faculty use Adobe Connect. Contact us if you would like to schedule a workshop or a consultation session about Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect Troubleshooting & FAQ's